Jacob Hunter Peacock

Creative Director Photographer 





Photography, Videography, Marketing, Analytics, Brand Building, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Adobe Creative Suite, Live video streaming, Stage Lighting, Post Production

RECENT Experience

Lights Sound Action  / Videographer, Equipment Manager

January 2019- January 2020,  South, GA

As a skilled professional, I also specialize in running live video broadcasts for prestigious events and exquisite weddings. With a keen eye for capturing the perfect moments, I ensure to preserve the essence and emotion of these special occasions. Provide seamless and awe-inspiring events and concerts with an  expertise in professional lighting and stage setups. Furthermore, my expertise extends to videography and post-production editing, where I bring a creative touch to crafting compelling content for weddings and events. 

Paloma Park / Photographer


As an experienced culinary photographer, I specialize in capturing tantalizing imagery for menus, nightlife scenes, and candid moments destined for social media platforms. In addition, I can further extend my services by adeptly managing social media accounts, ensuring their effective operation while also implementing creative strategies to curate engaging and captivating content. With a keen eye for visual aesthetics and a talent for directing social media campaigns, I bring a unique blend of creativity and management skills to produce compelling and impactful social content.

Hospitality South / Content Director


 I excel in nightlife photography, adeptly showcasing the vibrant energy and ambiance of bars and restaurants. I also have a keen eye for capturing candid moments for social media and website content, creating authentic and engaging visuals that resonate with audiences. In my role, I deliver exceptional photography and videos that contribute to each of the social media platforms. I help curate content for seven different locations of bars and restaurants, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence. Moreover, I provide valuable creative skills that enhance the individual brands, elevating their unique identities and positioning them for success in the competitive market. My position also requires me to manage, operate, and build the brand of the company Instagram, @HospitalitySouth.

Hunter Peacock Media / Founder

March ‘17  - PRESENT

I have successfully operated my own freelance services and built a personal business from the ground up since the age of 17. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience and honed my skills in various aspects of entrepreneurship. From managing scheduling and financials to overseeing all operations, I have taken on the responsibility of running a successful freelance business. This experience has allowed me to develop strong organizational skills, hands on experience in the creative field, and the ability to work independently and efficiently. By juggling multiple responsibilities, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of entrepreneurship and have consistently delivered high-quality services to my clients