Are you in need of a versatile and talented artist to bring your vision to life? Look no further! I am Hunter Peacock, a creative professional with a passion for capturing moments, story-telling, and creating visually stunning experiences.

Based in the thriving Athens and Atlanta Area, I have had the pleasure of working with clients from all across the country. I also have a passion for traveling and am available for booking across the country!

Photography became my passion six years ago, driven by a desire to create timeless art. With six years of experience in the field, I have honed my skills and developed a keen eye for detail. Holding a camera in my hands, I have been fortunate enough to witness and capture some of life's most extraordinary moments. One of my most memorable shoots was the 2022 CFB National Championship in LA—a monumental event that forever changed my career. The impact of that experience continues to drive me, inspiring me to explore the world and bring my clients' visions to life.

My services go beyond just photography. I offer a comprehensive range of creative solutions, including videography, editing, social media management, and marketing. Whether you need captivating portraits, coverage for special events, compelling product photography, or a well-crafted marketing campaign, I've got you covered.

Take a moment to explore some of my favorite portfolio pieces and see the world through my lens. I am dedicated to understanding your unique vision and collaborating closely with you to ensure that every project reflects your desired outcome. Together, let's create something extraordinary that resonates with your audience and brings your creative ideas to life.